Futuristic blue and black picture of a face in the cosmos with grid squares on it.

In meditation this morning I had the strangest reality occur to me, that I am as an alien visiting the earth. I suppose more like a spy than anything else. I infiltrate human affairs and wander through their little dramas, observing, taking notes and learning more each day.

You see, I am one of the few that realize what we truly are, I do this by understanding what we are not.

I am not a body.

I am not a mind.

I am not an ego.

I am that which observes those things, incomprehensible to the human mind.

A lonely girl in a crowd of people, mindlessly moving among each other.

I presently have difficulty understanding the term “I” in a real sense. So, when I go out in the world of shared space and interact with humans, I feel like a sort of spy as I know what we are not, and most of you have no clue about this truth.

You carry on your personal battles with ego and superior/inferior conflicts more like a pack of wild dogs than you can imagine.

I watch with amusement.

You see, the average somnambulist is quite unaware that they are not an ego, in fact, all that goes on in their daily lives is the brain ruminating over some silly slight or insult.

Face shadowed on white, edged with a yellowish brown, then fading into black. Confusion. Thought. Bizarre cursive writing and designs scattered on the photo.

Most humans spend ninety nine percent of their waking lives in thought only, maybe one percent actually interacting with matter in the three-dimensional plane.

Sci-Fi man. Picture of a man's scruffy face in space, with parts of the galaxy filtering in through is skin.

Does this not mean that we are mostly in a different dimension than we think, are we not in a fourth dimension of pure thought?

This being true, one must then agree that we need to do some more research into our true existence, as beings of pure thought, animating matter for a few years only. But wait, if we are thought then how can we perceive thought? It must be that we are only using thought as a sort of software to interact with the physical universe.  

I am not software though, I am that which creates software, so, I am not thought but the user of thought.

Guy wearing a backpack, wandering through the woods.

And so, like an alien being, I wander the earth, watching and learning all that I can, a distant observer, sent to investigate why earthlings still have not embraced the truth of their existence.  To discover why they are still insistent on remaining in the first century when it comes to understanding the truth of existence.

You see religion says that all knowledge is already known, truth says all is to be doubted.

When you become a being of pure curiosity, when you will go to the ends of the universe (I hear there is a great restaurant there) to understand what it is you are, then you will find your answers, but like all things in life, you have to really want it.

Science fiction.  2 human males rising above a hole filled with white light and layers of black, brick-like texture. They're hovering above a world globe, designed in white lines and mathematical type graphics. To the left is a huge, thick curvy tree, that's cut off midway. There are dots of light on the side of it. In the distance there's a hint of tall, dark, lighted buildings, behind the the two men. Beside the man on his right is a tree.

There is a state of being that transcends the human physical experience.

It is worth the effort.

Understand your true existence is that of pure bliss, absolute happiness, but you can not see it.

Why is this?

Round mirror in prairie grass, reflecting the scattered clouds in the blue sky.

Think of yourself as a silver mirror. You reflect perfectly all that comes in front of you. Over time you accumulate dust, dirt and grime that prevents you from seeing your reflection. That dirt and grime is really hurt, suffering, desire and aversions, these things build up on your true self and hide you from you.

The point is that the clear mirror is there all the time.

Take the words of the Buddha and use them like a cloth and wipe that mirror clean. It will reflect perfectly again.

A little girl with long brownish blonde hair, wearing a ballerina teal and pink dress, dancing in a meadow.

Remember when you were small you would play and forget all the nonsense of the world? You were in a state of pure bliss.

You can still have that, simply turn off the mind and you return to your true state.

Thinking produces suffering, if you take a moment, what can produce the chemicals necessary to give you the sensation of suffering?

Your brain is the only instrument in the universe that can do it, the brain can also produce pleasure, but not happiness, only awareness can do this for you.

So, turn off the brain, stop thinking and enter into pure awareness, suffering stops and bliss returns.

So simple it is hard to believe.


Peace sign made out of stone in a wooded clearing.

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