All Because of You

A guy looking at old black and white photos.

Your human behavior patterns are based on memories.

Those memories create habits.

Nothing more.

You pre-date those habits.

You are not a set of behavioral instincts.

All because of you. A guy in the universe, covering his eyes. To the left of him is one observing eye.

You are that which observes those instincts.

You are that which has no source.

You are without cause.

The mind may have good or bad memories, you exist outside them and you are not bound by them.

The human life that you imagine in your mind is within you, you are not it.

If there is a god, he exists by you and for you.

You create god however you wish him or her to be.

It is all by you and for you.

All because of you. Young girl in space, looking into a galaxy with a planets near it.

You are the incomprehensible.

You are the created and the creator.

Almost all children learn to identify themselves as a body, very few adults recover from this. The traumas that happened to the child you once mistook yourself for have no effect or meaning to you now.

You once thought of yourself as the body, this allowed others to abuse you.

Now that you know yourself as the eternal, the causeless, all that remains of that child is memory and habit.

These do not follow you once you are finished with the body.

You, then, have no need for them now.

Memory and habit simply perpetuate the myth that you are the person living in the world.

All because of you. City traffic between huge buildings.

This further cements the belief that the third dimension is reality.

Nothing could be more false.

The third dimension can only exist in your mind. If it did not, you could not know of it.

All you assume is real is only fabricated by the mind. So is the child that you believed yourself to be, and the trauma inflicted upon it.

There is only one truth, all falsities are seen, removed and destroyed yet one thing remains.


You are.

You exist.

You cannot say what you are, yet you are.

This is absolute.

Nothing exists before you.

There is nothing to cause you.

All because of you. Poseidon God Of The Ocean. He's coming out of ocean, but it appears like he's coming out of the sky.

There is nothing greater than you unless you create it as greater.

Everything exists because of you, and for you.

Space and time itself exist only in your imagination.

You have searched for the Tao, yet it is you.

You have searched for god and it is also you.

You have reached out for Nirvana, only to find it too is you.

All that you can possibly imagine can only exist because of you.

You are the event horizon.

You are the singularity.

You are one.

All is caused by you and for you.

All because of you. An older man holding his face on his hand. Written all over him is negative words: worthless, unlovable, stupid, etc.

All of the suffering in the world is there to confuse you into believing in the third dimension as the only true reality.

Your own suffering was designed to push yourself toward awakening.

Those with seemingly wonderful and pleasant lives filled with wealth and status have little chance of ever looking inward.

They have too much to give up and die kicking and pleading for one more day.

For you who have awakened, you need not die. And you need not suffer rebirth.

We simply stop manifesting the three-dimensional world once we no longer have a need for it.

I used to think that I discarded the body once I was done with it. In reality, I only stop manifesting the third dimension, including the body, once I no longer desire to manifest it.

All because of you. Colorful matrix with a red and black silhouette of a young man and woman facing each other.

You see, the body, the earth, the stars, and the whole 3D universe is but one thing in the mind, a simple imagining of a world, of a life in time and space.

What a fool I have been to mistake my creations as real, to believe my own fantasies as factual.

But what a crazy fun ride it has been.

You see, life does not happen to you, it happens because of you.

Stop imagining that you don’t like life and start imagining that you do, then see what a glorious and wonderful thing existence can be.

It is all because of you.


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