An Unpleasant Feeling

A guy in a gray sweater holding his stomach, as if he has a stomachache.

One must recognize that all we do as humans is to seek out a pleasant feeling while avoiding the unpleasant feeling.

What is fear but the anxiety over an unpleasant feeling?

What is hope but the memory of the pleasant?

Nature bids us to strive with one another by promising the pleasant feeling to the one who gains while giving the unpleasant to the loser. The only recourse in this situation is to fight back against gain itself.

What can nature do to the one who has risen above gain and loss, who understands that one can possess nothing?

Take note of the pleasant feeling and realize it for its true state, for pleasant and unpleasant are both lies of the mind as one cannot exist without the other.

Pleasure holds hands with her evil sister pain.

To be one, forever locked in the pursuit of the pleasant, and the dire escape of the unpleasant, leaves you nothing more than a talking monkey.

Take charge of yourself, you are not an automaton stumbling through life searching for the dopamine button.

Black and white picture of a girl sleeping.

Wake yourself to the true purpose.

You have been granted existence, use it wisely.

You are here to push yourself to the highest level of consciousness that you can possibly attain.

Ask yourself as to what your potential is.

If it is in your potential then it is within your power to realize it and make it a reality.

So, nothing short of excellence is your fate.

You are perfection lying dormant.

Wake yourself.

Picture of the New York stock exchange.

Rid yourself of all notions of profit and loss.

You are not a physical being and as thus you cannot benefit from physical objects.

The only way to benefit from existence is to use it to maximize your understanding of the self and its relationship to the universe.

There is nothing else to do.

That is the whole of your purpose, that and to pass it on to others.

Raise your level of consciousness and help raise the level of consciousness for all of the human race.

Understanding this you become indifferent to the mind’s pursuit of pleasant feelings and can easily out-wit the primitive brain.

Rocks forming a peace sign in a forested clearing.


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