Comparing Apples and Oranges

Comparing apples to oranges. A picture of a sliced orange and three whole apples.

If you divide an apple into four pieces and eat it, you have not eaten four apples, you have still only eaten one apple.

This is how to see oneness in the universe.

You may choose to focus on a part of Zen or Brahman but the whole remains.

The fact is, all is but one experience, it is all you.

Comparing apples to oranges. Picture of a taxi in traffic.

Zen, Brahman, mind or self, it is still all you and the world you have manufactured around you.

It is all no more real than the dreams you were in last night.

The truth is that you exist, and then lend a temporary existence to the objects in your focus.

If consciousness is turned off, the world disappears.

The world cannot exist outside of consciousness, only the true self can do that.

To see your true self, find the you that exists in all three states: deep sleep, dreaming and awake.

That true self is the actual source of the entire universe.

All exists because of that source – it is all one thing.

If you stop dividing up that one thing by discriminating every object in it, you can see the whole, just like the apple.

Once you’ve seen the whole, how could one have enemies?

How could one suffer anxieties?

How could one ever suffer in a universe of their own making?

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