Desire Is The Self

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In essence, what we actually are is desire, our desires differ from each other so we think we are different. But, take away the false concept of self and what importance is left for desire?

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If there is no “me,” there can be no desire in my benefit. Then, once again, the world settles itself into the perfect state free of anxieties and troubles.

If ego really is only desire, it can be overcome by not giving in to it, and then its evil sister aversion also is conquered.

There can be no “me” therefore desire and aversion are but a mere illusion.

The pain and suffering of doing without is directly caused by desire itself.

Desire creates the self and the lack, all in the same moment and can only be called the one true evil.

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Desire obscures Nirvana, its demise is the direct path to enlightenment.

Rid yourself of desire and you rid yourself of your “self.”

The whole of the world gets what it needs as it needs it, so will you.

There are two things required for desire to come about, the object and the subject.

Rid yourself of the one and the other will surely follow.

The same applies to aversions. Once you know the subject as false, the object is no longer of any concern.

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If you rid yourself of your so-called possessions, you are free to own the whole world.

If you no longer own a certain piece of land, you are free to walk everywhere.

If you see the world as an illusion, you are no longer enslaved by possessions.

Once again remember that everything is mind and consciousness.

With that being said, what possible benefit can possessions bring to you?

Keep what you use, discard the rest.

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