An older dog outside, on a chain, angry, barking.

Perhaps the distinction lies in this, that for generations we have been bred like dogs into domestication.

To become docile, malleable and plastic. Yet some of us rebel at the leash, and will not be led about like cattle.

That “bred-in” domestication did not take.

We snarl and snap at the leash, growling and nipping at our protectors and any sort of indication of servitude.

I for one would rather hang myself on my chain than get used to it.

Black and white picture of bare feet in heavy chains.

No living being was ever born for the purpose of serving another.

Even parasites and symbiotic relationships have their own agendas in mind.

Black and white picture of classic VW bus campers.

Some of us simply must be free, or we die of atrophy.

Like an animal pacing our cage there is for us but one goal, to open the cage.

All other cares are secondary, we will eat once the cage is open, even hunger can wait.

The reason we have been inadvertently bred into slavery is so that the ruling class can continue to squeeze their power and wealth out of us, and we won’t notice because the “game is on” or “I got an even bigger TV.”  

Rome’s “bread and circus,” it seems, had far-reaching implications.

This is the reason for the pathetic American institution called Public Schools.

There is good logic behind a terrible education, keep the lemmings where they belong, at the factory, making junk so that other lemmings can buy it.

A beach full of plastic and garbage.

Our society is utterly pathetic.

This cannot persist for long.

That all governments become tyrannical should come as no surprise, but the ones that should be scrutinized the most are the ones that try to seem the most benign.

For the people, by the people, and of the people has never lasted more than a few generations.

The only solution is that politicians must come to realize that corruption is only solved on the weighted end of a rope and this as the only means to keep their corruption in check.

But what care have I for the institutions of dog-men?

They that are happy with the leash can solve the problem of who’s hand is at the other end.

Some dogs just won’t stay home, they have to wander, even at risk to their own lives.

It is still in their nature.

The breeding of docility failed.

Just as the house cat stays in the window, I am always longing to be free and in the wild, and I go to see that I have it.

A beautiful picture of a guy standing on some huge ass rocks, surrounded by deep forest. A huge body of blue water is in front of him.


Kahlil Gibran once posed the question, “Does the ox, who loves his yoke, call the deer and elk vagrant things?”

I have often pondered this same dilemma.

Black and white cows in a feedlot.

Does the cow in the feedlot hate the deer?

One must search their own heart to determine if the safety of the yoke is worth the sovereignty of your soul.

I will bite and chew at the leash ‘til my last breath.

I will not yield.

If you do not have a plan of your own, you are part of someone else’s plan.

This is a very deep truth, your leash, it seems, is actually in your own hands once you realize the nature of the thing that you are. 

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