Driving Ms. Becki

Cartoon of a woman driving a classic car.

While driving in the car my wife and I were having a most interesting conversation.

I had mentioned that if our higher selves were guiding us down the path, why doesn’t the higher self or true self just live this life and destroy the ego/self. Would this not end the suffering and frustration of life among the sleepwalkers?

She replied that if a wealthy son, who stands to get a very large inheritance and doesn’t know it, were to go out into the world, he would naturally begin to work hard to build up his life. If that same son knew about the inheritance, he would just sit back and wait, accomplishing nothing.

So, it is with us we have to do the work in order to achieve enlightenment and recognize our true existence.

Picture of the universe with a bright white dot in the center, expanding onto a beam of light.

If we knew that we were the higher self all along, we would not have witnessed all of the gross and demented sides of life and therefore would have no compassion nor understanding of it.

In short, in order to truly understand existence, we have to experience all sides of it.

Abandoned little girl sitting on the floor, in an empty room with her teddy bear next to her. On the wall behind her, written by a child's hand, says: Why did you leave me?

How can you cherish love without knowing abandonment?

How can you embrace minimalism without first conquering poverty?

How can you appreciate a true friend without first knowing an enemy?

One can only see all sides of a mountain from the top.

My wife seems to flash her brilliance when I least expect it.

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