Man with screaming skulls coming out of his head.

Any thoughts of ownership, possession, superiority or inferiority must be removed.

Any thoughts of mine or me must be purged.

These types of thoughts are connected to the ego and the ego is that part of you that believes you are the body.

The ego believes you’re in the world.

Consider ego as the primordial dinosaur program trying to help you rise to the top of your clan and choose the best mate.

Ego is a false self.

The ocean of consciousness is not a mystery, it is the mind and all the thoughts that connect together to thread the mind into a cohesive whole.

You are awareness in that ocean or mind.

The ego also is in that mind. You can become aware of ego, so you can remove ego as it cannot be your true self. If it were your true identity you could not be aware of it, just as you cannot take a step toward yourself.

Any likes, dislikes, desires or aversions, vanity or sloth is of ego.  

It is not in absolute awareness that these things arise, but in the desire to identify with a particular body.

A naked woman sitting down, bending her body over to where her face is nestled in between her knees. Sparkly dust is blowing off her brown hair and body.

Let go of the delusion of possession of a body.

There is no body independent of the mind.

Your body exists in the mind only.

How then can you obsess over your looks or the looks of others?

Why would awareness try to own objects?

You can see the ego at work when an ignorant one buys a vehicle.

The ignorant imagine themselves as the vehicle itself.

They’re so used to using the body as a sort of prop to prove their status to the world that they do the same thing with a simple vehicle.

There are actually very practical vehicles available to people, but they won’t buy them. Perhaps because they can’t imagine themselves as practical.

Sci-Fi fantasy girl in space showing only her face with symbols around it.

In short, if one wishes to live a spiritual life, stop identifying with physical objects, including the body, and begin to identify yourself with absolute, pure awareness.

If you don’t care about a holy life then please continue to identify yourself with a car. Just try to understand if I don’t take anything you say seriously.

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