Expect More

You cannot know reality.

All that you experience is filtered through the body and the mind and then converted to thought.

You are an endless void experiencing the world in thought.

You cannot know anything unless it is thought.

Thought is the language of the fourth dimension.

The body is the sensor of the third dimension and the mind is but a signal converter that takes data from the third dimension – temperature, wet or dry, pain or pleasure and converts it to our language or thought. This is how a fourth-dimensional being can function in a three-dimensional world.

Colorful picture of an island and a mountain in the background.

If you remember the hit 70’s T.V. show “Fantasy Island” you begin to see a parallel to true reality.

We come to the third dimension to experience our fantasies, whether good or bad.

Our desire to experience leads us to inhabit a body capable of intelligence, this way we can feel like the 3D world is real while we are here.

Every now and then one of us wakes up and realizes that it is all false and begins the search for others who are enlightened.

It is said that once you have awakened to reality while in a body, you don’t have to come back unless you want to.

Cartoon picture of a chalkboard. On it is the word impossible with a big red X over the im. The teacher and students are in silhouette.

This implies that the 3D world is imposed on us, like a school or a training course or something.

All that I know is that I exist, independent of the body, and that my purpose is to push ever upward to the highest level of consciousness I can attain.

Everything else is subjective.

All experience in the third dimension can only be subjective as all of it must pass through the mind to me.

So, all that I experience in the world is totally dependent on what the body and mind pass on to me, therefore, subjective and not reality.

A silhouette of a woman sitting cross-legged in front of the ocean. The photo is in orangish red colors. There are yellowish balls of light behind the woman, going from her tailbone to the crown of her head.

If I can turn off the mind and shut it down, what is left is objective and real. In this state all that I experience is myself.

The universe is myself.

All that is, was, or ever will be is myself.

I become infinite and merge with all life that ever was.

Urban city with shops and full of people.

Also, in this state of pure existence, the falseness of human life is laid bare and becomes irrelevant.

Do you really believe yourself to be nothing more than a hotel maid with your only purpose but to raise a brood of criminals and hotel maids?

Do you really worship a god that made you a sinner and then gave you the opportunity to be a hotel maid so you could worship him because the meek shall inherit the earth?

All of this is in your mind only!

Wake to the fact you are not a hotel maid because you are not the mind!

What you experience in this dimension is exactly what the mind expects it will experience, you have gotten this in reverse order.

You are not reacting to experience, you are shaping it.

Understand that you are not the mind.

A black void with an organish/yellowish circle on the bottom left corner. In the middle is a small round yellow ball and 4 straight lines - up/down and sideways. In the upper right corner is a bluish/green round wedge shape. In the middle is three or four pin dots of green and yellow.

You are the source of you.

The mind is an organic thing inside your head, you are that which uses the mind, stop letting it dictate the world to you.

Learn to turn off the mind and its incessant rumination.

Learn to meditate.

Take back control of your life.

You are what you expect you are, expect more!

The photo is in blue and white colors. It's celestial. A woman is  standing on a road made of clouds. Part of the world is showing in the left upper corner of the picture. In front and above the woman is a white starburst of light and blue sky.

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