Consider the body to be as firewood, its usefulness is in its consumption. As with anything in the physical realm, it is only temporary and passing.

A black and white picture of a transparent girl looking at herself.

Why become attached to something temporary?

A car lasts indefinitely if you don’t use it, yet, its value is in its use. Therefore, the very thing that gives a car its value causes its demise.

Money has no value but to be exchanged for goods and services.

What good does money in a vault do for anyone? Thus, as with all things in the temporary realm, money’s value is in its consumption.

Just as the very thing we use our bodies for also causes them to fail.

Remember that you are that which uses a body.

A transparent man within the universe.

You are that which uses a mind, but you are much more than those things.

If you once again consider the body as firewood, what you want is fire, not wood, or life, not a body. So, if all you do is save your firewood for the future it will eventually rot and you will be without wood or a fire.

If you so fear others opinions about you that you don’t live, you also rot and you are left with a useless sack of bones.

When you realize that you are not the body, you are not the mind, the first thing you do is try to define what you are. You attempt to describe yourself.


You cannot.

Just as you can’t watch yourself walk from across the street and you can’t see your own eyes, you can not see yourself in the mind.

It is the mind that clouds the true self over, the mind is the problem not the solution.

It is the mind’s need to define and separate everything into opposites that causes your blindness.

Turn off the mind and its obsessive chatter and your view becomes unobstructed.

If you wish to see clearly you must first unplug that which fogs your inner eye.

Allow that which is, to be.

Nothing more.

That which is…….is.

Beautiful purples and blue hues of the universe.

What you are is beyond definition, pure, deep and without form.

You are verb not noun.

You are an incomprehensible force that is aware.

Now, turn that awareness onto itself and become known to the knower.

There is absolutely nothing in the physical realm of atoms which is of any importance.

Know thyself.

The world will turn.

Picture of people walking in a city, above them are a set of female eyes. The photo has a deep reddish tint to it. There's also a sign that says: Dreamland City.

For now, you will open your eyes in the morning and the world will reform itself in front of you.

One day you will not wake.


The only thing that matters is what goes on behind your eyes, the body may feel pain, the body may fall ill, most of them do.


While you can, search behind the mind. That is the only thing of importance.

“Who am I?” is all you need to ask.

As long as the body has quality food, shelter and clothing it is then of no concern to you.

Leave it alone.

As long as humans are not a threat to your physical body then they are of no concern to you, leave them alone.

Do not try to impress them with your wit, nor your possessions.

Do not think of great new topics for discussion.

If others are ready to see, the way will present itself to them. You do not teach them, the way does it through you.

You need do nothing.

Just be.

There is no right way nor wrong way to concern yourself with.

Become indifferent.

Step out of the light, let them win.

There is nothing to be gained in the material world anyway.

Only the poor can be truly free as the rich have far too much to give up.

Your possessions control you, dominate you, give them up and let go of the physical world.

You are the void that is aware, what good are atoms to you?

You begin to see more clearly that upon understanding that you are not a person, you are not a thing made of atoms, that other things made of atoms hold very little interest to you.

 A colorful picture of the universe

In the universe of atoms, you actually are in a swarm of them all of the time.

The atoms of the body are moving in and out of the atoms of air, food, and water.

This understanding of the physical realm leads one to find the whole thing rather ridiculous. What I mean is, the things that humans take for important, while in absolute reality they are nothing more than very temporary arrangements of atoms swirling in and out of other temporary arrangements of atoms, are absurd at best.

There is nothing of concern outside of the void of awareness.

The five senses simply block a clear view of what the true self is, thus, humans believe themselves to be the body with its five senses, and not the void of awareness that empowers them.

Reach deep into the true self, meditate often, discover the truth of what it is that you are.

When you say the word I, to what are you actually referring?

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