Good Days And Bad Days

Do not wish for a good day, nor expect a bad one.

You goal for the day should be only to remember that you are not the body, nor the mind, nor the life that you have lived or even the persona that you are portraying.

The only hope should be that you have the mindfulness needed to separate the illusion of the physical world from the reality of your true existence.

See that the only bad thing, or, the only true misfortune is to confuse yourself with the person that is manifested in the three-dimensional world.

Pray that you might recognize that only your mind says that you are here, even these words can only be an apparition of that mind.

Know that if you acquire some new object this day, that you will be thrust back into the belief that you are a body once more.

So, a good day would be such a day that nothing happens to further confuse you as to the true nature of the absolute.

A good day is one that erodes the cement on your assumptions about reality.

A good day is one spent in contemplation of the incomprehensible, in the experience that everything is you and that you are infinite.

Know that all that can be known about the three-dimensional universe remains in that same three-dimensional universe and is therefore of no value to the true self.

Seek your knowledge in the opposite direction of the physical realm. There you will find truth instead of answers.

What is left after all that is false is removed, is true. When the false is discarded you remain. You are the only truth.

You are.

Your five senses conspire with the mind to make up all manner of inconsequential nonsense to delude you into thinking that you are made of atoms.

This is patently false.

The atoms only exist in your consciousness.

You must keep this in the forefront of you mind at all times in order to break this spell.

Write it on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket as a constant reminder that the five senses and the mind work in cohesion to blind you from what is true.

You may use a small pebble to do the same thing.

The point is to interrupt the daily software programming your life, as often as possible until its grip on your mind weakens and diminishes.

Once this is accomplished you may break the bonds of slavery imposed on you at birth and exist as a free and independent spirit, unmoved by good days and bad days, unconcerned with gain or loss, indifferent to the desires and aversions of the ego/mind.


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  1. Good words Kevin!
    The music is too loud,,, makes it hard for me to hear your words. I wear hearing aids, and that might be the problem,,,idk.
    Have a fantastic day!! ❤🕷🤗

  2. Thanks for the input Judith, the sound levels are very temperamental so there is a lowest level possible but then you can’t hear the music at all, if you bump it up a bit then it gets too loud on the high notes. It will take some tweaking but I will get it down. Mean time there is the transcript below. You have a fantastic day too!

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