If I Were To Teach

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I recently did a long and deep meditation trying to discover how to help a friend of Becki’s that was having a rough time in life.

I felt the need to write so I grabbed my notebook and this is the result.

It felt like ghost writing as the words seemed to come from somewhere else.

If I were to teach another, what would I say? I would say nothing, but if the inner would speak.

The difference between us is minimal, microscopic. It only seems large to you.

Face painted in multi-color and brown eyes showing through fingers.

It is because you believe yourself to be a pair of eyes observing the universe and reporting back to the brain.

You still seek externally.

You must begin to search internally as you will find no answers outside of yourself.

You must come to understand that nothing exists outside of consciousness.

Bluish black rock

Once you see that for this pebble to exist, you must be conscious of it.

An hour ago you had no knowledge of this pebble, therefore in your universe it did not exist.

Now that I have shown it to you and you are conscious of it, this pebble is in your universe as well as mine.

Everything that exists, only exists because you are conscious of it.

Colorful universe

Nothing exists in your universe until you are aware of it, thus, the universe exists in you.

You do not exist in the universe.

Can you see this?

You are not a body in the world, you are consciousness imagining that you are a body in the world, but in reality, the body, the world and everything you know exists ONLY in your consciousness.

Take a moment to see this switch in your mind.

It is the essence of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s snake and rope metaphor.

You cannot see the rope until you un-see the snake, just as you cannot see the actual until you un-see the world you are attached to and recognize that it is in your consciousness only.

After you have understood this principle you must then turn your consciousness back onto itself and answer the question.

If I am not the body, if the body only exists in consciousness, which it must, then where does consciousness come from? And, what am I?

Why do I have consciousness?

What does it even mean to be conscious?

This you must meditate on every day. 

Keep this in the forefront of your mind.

Do not let it slip away.

Because realization of the actual depends upon you confronting the incomprehensible. In other words, you will know the actual truth, real truth once you realize that you are the infinite eternal void that produces a thing called life.

You are the source of consciousness and you share that source with all life.

You are one with all things.

You are the universe itself.

You are one.


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