Magical Powers Actually Exist

Magical Powers Actually Exist has a picture of nighttime with stars and a sparkling woman staring up at the dark sky.

Real magical powers actually exist.

You have them.

You are using them right now.

This is not some sleight of hand nonsense nor word games to make it seem like you have powers.

You have actual magic at your fingertips.

Magical Powers Exist has a picture of a woman outside at night. One hand is raised and magical sparkles fly off it.

It is not the magic you want or think you want.

You cannot snap your fingers and be rich and beautiful, but you can do something much more important.

You can control the world.

Magical Powers Actually Exist has the world map painted on the palm of two hands

This is a very subtle power, almost a sort of background noise, but it absolutely works and you are using it right now.

Your view of the world is actually a reflection of your mind, in fact, your mind is the source of your world.

Let me show you how you are doing this.

Once you understand that the entire universe is oneness, that all that you know must exist inside your mind, then you can begin to see that world that you are experiencing is actually a mirror reflection of the inside of your mind.

In short, the world is exactly what you expect it to be.

The world behaves exactly how you expect it to behave.

If in your deepest being you believe life to be suffering, Presto!

You will experience suffering.

Conversely, if you only expect a simple joy at the opportunity to experience life, that becomes your experience.

Magical Powers Actually Exist has a picture of three boys playing in the river.

You are not seeing the world, the body has eyes, not you.

The world you think you see is a reconstruction in the back of the mind.

The mind uses data taken in from the body and converts it to thought so that you can understand it.

There's a transparent bluish gray picture of a mans face with data covering the whole photo.

You are consciousness that uses pure thought to communicate and understand existence, you are a sheer knowing itself.

You take the world, constructed by the mind, and believe it to be real.

It is not.

Once you know this you can learn to change what you expect from the world, and the world must obey its new master.

Once true reality comes into your experience and you truly realize that you are not the body, not the mind, it becomes very easy to see how you have actually painted the world in the exact color you chose.

The world you see truly is your experience, make it count.

The inner is not determined by the world, the world is in fact determined by the inner.

This is your power.

If you say that you have no power over the world, that is exactly the experience that you will have.

The absolute truth is that your view of the world is a mirror image of what you expect to see.

Your world is but a reflection of your expectations.

It always has been.

It now comes as a crucial task to work on your world view, because you are actually creating your own experience based on memory and expectation.

You are not memory.

You are not a body.

You are not the mind.

You are pure knowing with a chance to experience the world as you wish to see it.

This actual magical power is yours, use it wisely.

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