Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe shows circles of star trails in the night sky.

Your problem is that because you can see yourself as only a human you can not see the incredible spectacle that you actually are.

You can not see your auras dancing around with each other, through each other.

Masters of the Universe has a picture of small colorful circles

You can not see the giant ball hurling through space at sixty-seven thousand miles per hour.

You only see the limit of the five senses, almost like walking around in a snow globe.

You believe yourself to exist in a hemisphere of changing pictures that you label the world.

Open your eyes to the real world and see the true you.

You are that incomprehensible source of the world you live in.

Make it count.

You are not a being walking around in the world, you are thoughts wandering around in a mind.

Everything known to you is in the mind, you are not recording outer events in the mind, you are constructing outer events in the mind based on the five senses.

The information coming into the mind through the senses is what your mind builds the universe with.

You are the source.

You alone are the cause.

The eye is not a camera.

Nor is it the lens on a video recorder.

The eye is in the mind.

It is only the name we give to the light sensor of the mind.

The Eye.

The mind assembles information taken in by the eye into a three-dimensional picture for you to see.

Three dimensional silver cube

The question then becomes, who actually sees what the eye sends to the mind?

If the mind merely assembles 3D pictures sent to it by the eye, then who points the eye in its particular direction? đŸ¤”

Who is the commander of the mind?

Once you discover this you are truly free.

Masters of the Universe picture of a broken chain.

Once you discover everything is actually mind, and you are the mind’s commander, what hold does the phony world of humans have over you now?

Masters of the Universe has a picture of a bunch of people walking in a city street, surrounded by buildings.

Write your own script.

Change everything in your universe to match that script.

Use your sufferings to manufacture compassion.

Wake your intellect and push it to the scariest of heights.

Accept no second place.

You are the source of reality itself.

You are the Master of the Universe.

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