Nine Tips On How To Live A Happier Life

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Our true state of being is happiness, so why aren’t we happy all of the time? That my friend, is why you’re going to have to look inward, into your shadow self, to find the true answer.

 . . . But, I have some valuable tips here on how to live a happier life, to make your world a lot brighter, IF you follow them.

Happiness is an inside job.

A clock with the following written around it: alarm, late, schedule, busy, rush, overtime, time management, delay, stress.

1.) Stress:

Why stress out about something?

What benefit does it have?

 . . . Um, none.

I think stress goes hand in hand with worry.

You’re worried because you have no control over a situation.

You can’t control everything.

However, you can control how you react to things and your attitude.

Focus your energy on that and relax.

There’s an old Zen proverb that says: Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

So true!

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All it gives you is heartburn, an ulcer, and/or other ailments that’ll manifest in your body.

It’s not worth it.

If you have a job that’s stressful and you can’t deal with it anymore, please change it. If you don’t, your place of employment is going to cause you health problems and possibly kill you.

Constant stress is a killer.

It kills your happiness.

It kills your spirit.

When the spirit starts to rot, the body begins to follow.

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2.) Quit Comparing Yourself To Others:

I don’t care who you are, we all do this.

I think it’s human nature that we compare ourselves to other people.

You need to stop it.

The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.

Look at where you were a year ago or maybe two.

What have you done with your life or self since then?

What have you learned?

Have you accomplished anything?

Don’t look at Mary Lou who seems to have the life or looks you want.

We’re all unique and have our own paths to take.

-So, stop comparing yourself to others and start looking at your own self and life.

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3.) Stop Blame Shifting:

Stop shifting the blame on someone or other people for what you don’t have.

Take responsibility.

You’re in charge of your life and it’s up to you to change it.

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4.) Gratitude:

Be grateful for what you have.

Look at all the blessings in your life and appreciate them.

Yeah, you might not have what you desire at the moment, but think back when you didn’t have the things you wanted and now have.

A shadow of a person sitting on a chair with her face in her hands. Some of the following words are surrounding her: hopeless, inferior, broken, disgraceful.

5.) Don’t Belittle Yourself:

You’re awesome and a good person and shouldn’t talk down to yourself.

We all make mistakes and have done bad things in our lives, but if we’ve learned from them and moved on, it’s all good. 😉

You’re not a horrible person and can do whatever you put your mind to—if you really want to.

Your mind is a powerful thing.

If you continue to think negative thoughts about yourself, it’s going to emotionally and physically hinder you in your life.

-So, be aware of those thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

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6.) Surround Yourself With Positive People:

Negativity breeds negativity.

Misery loves company.

If you’re around miserable people, they’re going to bring you down.

They’re toxic.

Plain and simple.

However, if you’re in the company of uplifting people who you can learn from and bring you joy, your world will be a lot brighter.

A hand with a pink piece of paper that says: Set Goals.

 7.) Think About Your Goals And Not Your Problems:

If you dwell on your problems, you’re not going to get anywhere. You’ll just find excuses on why you can’t accomplish something.

. . . But, if you think about your goals, how to attain them, and work on each one, you’ll be a lot happier and have something to look forward to.

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8.) Quit Living In The Past Or In The Future:

The past and future doesn’t exist.

Quit thinking about what you could have done, or, if you did have had awesome parents, what would your life be like right now. 

Stop thinking about the future and Be Here Right Now. 

That’s what exists.

What you’re doing today will help create your tomorrows.

Every single moment you’re creating yourself by your thoughts, your actions, and how you choose to live.

Be in the moment.

Little girl laying on her stomach in a meadow full of flowers, blowing at them.

 9.) Be Yourself:

Don’t ever sacrifice who you are to please another person or to fit in with the crowd.

If people can’t accept you for who you are, they’re not worth your time. That includes family as well.

Be yourself.

You might not have the perfect looks, car, house, bank account. You might be into vampires, werewolves, heavy metal, and wear vintage concert T-shirts.

So. Fucking. What.

That’s who you are.

Don’t change it.

 . . . Because seriously, you WILL meet people who will genuinely like and love you for YOU.


It’s better to be an original than a copy.

Recap: Don’t stress or try not to. It’s not good for your well-being.

Quit comparing yourself to other people. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is . . . yourself!

Stop blame shifting.

Don’t blame others for your shit life.

Take responsibility and create the life you want.

Be grateful for what you have.

Don’t belittle yourself.

The mind is a powerful thing: what you think of yourself will manifest into your life.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Think about your goals instead of your problems.

If you focus on your problems more than your goals, you’re going to be one miserable motherfucker.

Everyone needs goals to strive for. I don’t care how old you are, and they don’t have to big goals either. It can be as simple as cleaning out your closet.

Quit living in the past and the future.

They don’t exist.

Be here now in this moment.

Finally, be yourself.

No one in the world is 100% like you.

You are an original and that’s pretty fucking cool.

You’re awesome.

Don’t forget that.😘

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