Cartoon pictures of a thumbs up, down, and sideways. Also, a check mark, and X, a question mark, a smile face, a frown, and one with his mouth in a straight line.

If you look deeply inward you can find that your opinions are directly connected to the chemical structure of the brain.

A picture of a cup of tea in a white teacup, in a saucer, both with nice dark blue patterns on it. In front is a slice of chocolate layer cake. Yum!

In other words, if your memory tells you that your opinion of a certain thing is good, your brain responds with pleasant chemicals.

If on the other hand, your memory tells you that your opinion of that same thing is bad, your brain responds with unpleasant chemicals.

This should cause you to study your opinions very seriously as they have control of the emotion switch in your brain.

Best yet is to rid yourself of all of your opinions altogether.

Also, rid yourself of adjectives and adverbs as these two go a long way toward forming opinions in the first place.

The actual truth is that it is snowing, not “I hate this freakin’ snow, it’s cold and wet and just plain miserable.”

Why have an opinion over anything that you have no control over?

You have just enslaved your brain’s emotions to snow!

Exercise control over that which is in your power – opinions.

Stop assigning value statements to things beyond your control.

Assume indifference to that which is beyond your power.

A cool picture of a cupped hand with a small flame of fire in the center of the palm. Above it is another hand cupped above the other one, with a small wave of water between the two.

If you make the smallest distinction about anything you are thrown back into the Yin-Yang universe of duality.

See all as it is.

Make no distinctions.

Do not assign values to the myriad things.

Harbor no opinions about other people.

Beautiful picture of trees in the distance with soft (divine) light around them.

They are all on the path at whatever level they are at.

All will come to see the way in time.


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