Steampunk girl in black top hat, wearing colorful googles (one lens green, the other pink), and a leather corset, sitting in a chair with her mouth open in wonder.

There is but one supernatural power in the universe, a power greater than creation itself. It is the power of perception, for what good is creation if no one were around to perceive it?

A green eye looking through a greenish, rusty wheel that looks sort of like a porthole.

Your perception of the universe is your universe.

The world, as you see it, is entirely dependent on your perception.

So, what is your perception dependent on?

Black and white pictures scattered across a table.

Your memories.

This is why it is so important to take back control of your mind.

You must take a very deep look at your perceptions and their causes.

One must use deliberate practice to force the mind from its comfort zone and take back the power of perception from the ego mind.

Ego always has a skewered perception of the universe.

Once you begin to perceive from the true self you have changed the universe altogether.

A young girl's hand, holding a globe/the world, in it. The background is the universe.

Once you look deep enough you see that there is no self, you are the universe, then your powers of perception are finely tuned.

You begin to watch the mind/body wander around completing tasks with an indifference as to outcomes. Human affairs lose their importance altogether as the miracle of life itself overwhelms you.

You are perceiving.

You are a verb.

You are the one supernatural power in the universe.

Man standing in front of a colorful milky way, with his arms spread out.

The universe exists because you are perceiving it.

You and creation are one.


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