Princess Perfect

Black and white photo of a dark haired young woman putting on a diamond crown. The photo only shows part of her face and her eyes are closed.

See the newly crowned princess, her pictures are everywhere.

Picture of a redish/brown castle

See! See!

This is the perfect life. You are supposed to dream of having this life.

She has the life free of suffering.

She has the expensive things.

You are supposed to obsess over her all day, every day and long for a prince of your own.

But she is empty, hollow and miserable.


Because they attempt to remove suffering by acquiring material goods.

The ego/mind will never be allowed to live this life without suffering. It is the cause of suffering, not poverty.

Overcoming the ego/mind is the only cure for suffering, a tiara won’t help.

All humans try to eliminate every possible form of suffering in the physical realm. This cannot work.

We do not suffer because we have to walk or lift things.

Suffering can only be produced in the mind, it can only be caused by perception. It cannot be cured outside of the mind.

All the wealth in the world will not assuage your suffering, only the examination and consequent destruction of the ego/self will end it.

The whole concept that suffering is caused by anything in the three-dimensional world has to be abandoned.

Suffering is caused by the fact that you have self-generated an “I.” This “I” demands things that it has no power over, such as control over others, validation from others, superiority.

These are the things that cause suffering, not a small house or an old car.

Illness causes your physical body to ache or be tired, but it does not cause you to suffer.

It is your anxiety over whether this illness will end your life that causes suffering.

The “I” wants immortality, and it can’t have it as it is only a construct of the physical brain.

That part of you, or the source of you is immortal, not the ego.

All suffering begins and ends with the ego/mind.

Examine yourself and you will find this to be true.

Once you take responsibility for your own life and leave the protection of the herd, you can begin to live in absolute freedom. One, however, cannot experience freedom from suffering and remain in the bondage of the herd.

If you wish to end suffering you must walk alone.

There are those who have invested far too much of their egos into the herd, and their egos are reaping the false rewards for it, so they will never relinquish their chains. For them, this life is to suffer, with small breaks in their suffering when they get to cause someone else to suffer as they imagine themselves to do.

This is the inevitable end to all materialism, as it is always brought on by pure ego.

So, if you wish to excel in the physical world be forewarned, it comes with a hefty side dish of suffering. If, on the other hand, you wish to live a life of peace, love and understanding, let go of “I” and look at the other’s anguish instead of your own.

If you can imagine a universe without a “self” what would that look like?

Have you given so much to the world that you are indispensable?

I think not.

You are only indispensable to your own vision of the world, not the world itself.

Let go of your vision and learn to see the actual reality without the interference of the ego.

It is like trying to see the sun on a cloudy day.

The point is, the sun is unchanged by clouds just as the true self is unchanged by ego.

Just as the clouds of ego are the cause of suffering, so does the pure light of the true self destroy all suffering.

The material world is a delusion.

There is no help there.

Let go of the outer world and embrace the inner.

Seek truth within and let the circus side show of the human world roll on like a rerun on an old black and white T.V. It is of no consequence.

Our bodies are born, and they die, there is nothing physical that is not temporary.

Seek what you have control over.

Master what you can master.

Forget the material world with its multiple causes and outcomes. They belong to karma and fate alone.

You are merely along for the ride.

Build your monument on that which is permanent and lasting.

Build where you have dominion, inwardly not outwardly.

Yours is the power of virtue.

You can choose what has actual value.

You can determine what your own perception of the universe is, and thus, create a universe of peace and understanding.

It is within your power alone.

There is not one physical object in the universe that is somehow endowed with the power of bringing you joy.

Matter cannot bring joy, only the mind can do that.

So, only you have the power to place your joy into a physical object.

Only you can say that a motorcycle has the power of joy in it, only your perception has that power.

Once you are free of the herd you can see that a motorcycle is only a motorcycle and once it is old you move the power of joy into something else the herd wants you to submit to.

You can end this cycle with ease.

Place your joy in that which is permanent, lasting and ever with you, new and fresh for all time.

Place your joy back where it originally was found, in living.

When you were a child, you didn’t need things to feel joy, just the experience of being, or just experience itself.

Let go of things.

Release them.

Return to living.

Destroy the ego “I” and find your true self again.

Joy is within your power, just reach out and take it.

Expect joy without trying, it is simply your choice.

If you put the power of your focus on the material world, you will suffer.

If you put the power of your focus on joy, you will have joined the ranks of the enlightened ones in the world and begin to care more for others than your ego.

The universe simply does not need your ego to go on.

Face this fact.

Your ego does not get to go to heaven and live forever no matter how pious you are.

The part of you that is immortal is already within you, focus on it now instead of the ego.

Enjoy the now for all time, in peace and in joy.


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