Sin and Righteousness

Colorful oil painting of the different naked gods and cherubs.

Sin and righteousness are earthbound. There is no need for them in the fourth dimension.

The red light district.

Much like gender and sex, sin and virtue refer to acts committed in the three-dimensional realm, these things are meaningless where we are actually from.

The more you understand the reality of your true existence, the more you begin to distance yourself from the norms of the world.

You begin to see all of your A’ Priori assumptions as false.

Life in 3D is simply watching a world through a window.

Your ego is not your source, your ego is a creation of your biological brain, a sort of reflection of your source mixed with primordial behavior patterns.

You cannot do anything in the three-dimensional world that would damn your soul.

You can do things here, however, that prevent your enlightenment, which is your purpose for coming in the first place.

Colorful swirls  in space, leading to a blackhole.

You will be stuck in the cycle of rebirth and suffering until you awaken to reality, after which earthly desires will no longer compel you to come to this place.

The only purpose of life is to awaken, to raise the level of consciousness of all life.

If you are in accordance with that purpose you will ease your suffering.

If you are refusing to comply with your purpose, stuck in the primordial ego-mind, your suffering will become legendary until the end of your empty life.

We all have the same destiny.

A private plane, a big-ass clock, and and attractive blonde girl sitting in a leather peach chair outside the plane with her high-heel feet on a white suitcase.

Pity the wealthy, the powerful and the beautiful, for theirs is the longest road to peace.

Embrace minimalism, stoicism, and simplicity in the 3D world and seek your source while you yet live.

This is your only purpose.

It is not a matter of “I am going to die.”

It is only that you fulfill your purpose.

Become indifferent to death, it doesn’t matter.

Only reach for your destiny.

Fear of death merely prevents you from living.

Death only means that I have done all that I can with this body, I no longer need it.

A colorful and awesome picture of a silhouette being, crossing a bridge into the next realm.

As if a sin in the physical realm meant anything at all in the fourth dimension.

Our human brains cannot even fathom what it means to exist without form. Yet the ignorant keep trying to tell us they know the rules for the fourth dimension from reading old books.

Just remember, the part of you that goes to heaven, is already there, you are just not aware of it because you think you are a body.

Hell only means that you are not aware of these things.

Just as all the leaves on a tree come from one single trunk, so does all life share a single source.

All life ever is one thing.

No past or future, all happens in an infinite now, of which you are as well, the source.


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