The Most Evil Creature Ever

When you consider the most evil creature ever, consider the mind as likened to an insidious beast, the most horrible creature in the universe. The mind makes thieves out of…

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All Because of You

Your human behavior patterns are based on memories. Those memories create habits. Nothing more. You pre-date those habits. You are not a set of behavioral instincts. You are that which…

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Sin and Righteousness

Sin and righteousness are earthbound. There is no need for them in the fourth dimension. Much like gender and sex, sin and virtue refer to acts committed in the three-dimensional…

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Expect More

You cannot know reality. All that you experience is filtered through the body and the mind and then converted to thought. You are an endless void experiencing the world in…

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If you look deeply inward you can find that your opinions are directly connected to the chemical structure of the brain. In other words, if your memory tells you that…

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An Unpleasant Feeling

One must recognize that all we do as humans is to seek out a pleasant feeling while avoiding the unpleasant feeling. What is fear but the anxiety over an unpleasant…

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Princess Perfect

See the newly crowned princess, her pictures are everywhere. See! See! This is the perfect life. You are supposed to dream of having this life. She has the life free…

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