An Unpleasant Feeling

One must recognize that all we do as humans is to seek out a pleasant feeling while avoiding the unpleasant feeling. What is fear but the anxiety over an unpleasant…

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Princess Perfect

See the newly crowned princess, her pictures are everywhere. See! See! This is the perfect life. You are supposed to dream of having this life. She has the life free…

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If I Were To Teach

I recently did a long and deep meditation trying to discover how to help a friend of Becki’s that was having a rough time in life. I felt the need…

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Zen and Soup

I would like to clarify a few things about Buddhism, mainly some misnomers in the mainstream and why is it that I consider myself Buddhist. Buddhism to me is much…

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We Are Not Atoms

You begin to see more clearly that upon understanding you are not a person, you are not a thing made of atoms, that other things made of atoms hold very…

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True suffering

Suffering, anguish, and melancholy.  These have a purpose, they are not random. Just as reddened skin, chills and fever tell us the body is ill, it needs attention to get…

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Driving Ms. Becki

While driving in the car my wife and I were having a most interesting conversation. I had mentioned that if our higher selves were guiding us down the path, why…

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There is but one supernatural power in the universe, a power greater than creation itself. It is the power of perception, for what good is creation if no one were…

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Consider the body to be as firewood, its usefulness is in its consumption. As with anything in the physical realm, it is only temporary and passing. Why become attached to…

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