Zen and Soup

I would like to clarify a few things about Buddhism, mainly some misnomers in the mainstream and why is it that I consider myself Buddhist. Buddhism to me is much…

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We Are Not Atoms

You begin to see more clearly that upon understanding you are not a person, you are not a thing made of atoms, that other things made of atoms hold very…

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True suffering

Suffering, anguish, and melancholy.  These have a purpose, they are not random. Just as reddened skin, chills and fever tell us the body is ill, it needs attention to get…

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Driving Ms. Becki

While driving in the car my wife and I were having a most interesting conversation. I had mentioned that if our higher selves were guiding us down the path, why…

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There is but one supernatural power in the universe, a power greater than creation itself. It is the power of perception, for what good is creation if no one were…

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Consider the body to be as firewood, its usefulness is in its consumption. As with anything in the physical realm, it is only temporary and passing. Why become attached to…

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The Insult

If someone made a rude comment about you and you did not hear it, what effect does it have? None? Why then should the effect be different if you did…

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Good Days And Bad Days

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJUxkbNgESs Do not wish for a good day, nor expect a bad one. You goal for the day should be only to remember that you are not the body, nor…

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Any thoughts of ownership, possession, superiority or inferiority must be removed. Any thoughts of mine or me must be purged. These types of thoughts are connected to the ego and…

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