The Greatest Treasure On Earth

Colorful rocks in the Baltic sea.

The greatest treasure that can be found in the physical world is a small thumb size pebble.

It is best to find one in a brook or a stream as these pebbles have been there since time began.

If one believes science, this pebble was brought by a glacier and deposited there in the form of a huge rock, this rock gets broken down into smaller pieces and finds its way to gushing rivers where the smaller pieces get tumble-polished in the water for millions of years until it is the smooth pebble that you find. Your pebble is comprised of millions of tiny particles.

In reality, when you ponder your pebble, realize that there can be no pebble.

It is only mind.

All is mind.

The stream or river, time to polish the pebble, even the scientist themselves, all are only mind.

Girl's face in the universe, looking through an arched plaster doorway, and seeing a refection of herself.

Once you grasp that the entire universe must exist inside your mind for you to know that it is there, then you are beginning to see actual reality.

Your five senses, if they exist, are what tells you what the universe is, can you trust them?

Wet pebbles on the beach.

That is why you should find the greatest treasure on earth, more priceless than gold or diamonds . . . the pebble. Because it reminds you all day long that all is mind.

Every time you reach into your pocket it is there. It corrects your vision each time you touch it.

The word peace in Capital letters written in black.

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