The Insult

Flipping the finger/bird. A fuck you.

If someone made a rude comment about you and you did not hear it, what effect does it have?


Why then should the effect be different if you did hear it?

Does this person somehow possess a deep understanding of you and can then have the power to change your emotional status for the entire day?

All of this leads us to understand that the insult or lewd gesture is a two-part activity. The first is of course, the one who throws the insult out there, and the second is the one who takes offense.

I can do nothing to prevent the ignorant from being ignorant save living my life in the best way I can think of and hoping that they will see that and change their way of thinking. As a result, I can do nothing to stop the insult from being thrown my way. I can, however, do a lot about as to whether I take offense.

The game of chess showing a checkmate.

This is in my power.

I must have done something really great in my life as to garner an insult from such an ignorant person, for if this person is insulting me, that is the exact sort of person that would lash out at that which it can not understand.

There are only a few people on the earth that I actually value their opinion. That sounds arrogant but it’s actually true. If one of them threw an insult my way, I would merely re-evaluate my high regard for them. I certainly will not be offended by the ignorant.

A person can only be insulted by someone that they are seeking approval from. For example, if you’re sick of your job and can’t stand your boss are you going to care about his trivial insults?


You are already looking for another job.

On the other hand, if you’re getting paid well and really trying to hang onto this job and the boss nails you with a particularly negative comment? That is going to sting a bit.


You’re seeking approval from outside of yourself.

Insults are the tools of the ignorant, nothing else. So, if you’re the subject of an insult, it came from an ignoramus anyway.

Why do you value the opinion of such people?

The ignorant have the cure in their name, ignore.

A guy in the universe. He's part of it.

Do not seek validation from other people ever. No one is qualified to judge you as no one can see inside your universe.

No one can determine what is best for you other than you.

Return to seeking the self and forget the insults of the ignorant.

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  1. I agree with you Kevin. I dont care what other people think about me. That is probably why my circle of friends is small. I am the boss of me! No one else has that power. 🖤🕷

  2. Thanks for the comment Judith, you are correct, no one can come into your space, only you can let them in by thinking about them. I simply do not have time for other people’s opinions on anything.

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