The Mind Has No Form

A woman in front of her laptop with her face in her hands. In black and white are different pictures reflecting her thoughts.

The mind has no form, it is made up of thought.

It has no form yet all forms are contained within it.

The mind has no form. A little boy is  hiding in the dark, looking through a hole above him.

That which the eye sees, is in the mind only, as well as the eye itself.

Both the ear and the sounds coming into it can only exist in the mind.

The mind is the universe, it is all things.

The mind is Zen.

The mind is infinite in time and space, yet exists only in the now.

A drawing of a man's profile with his brain sectioned off and written as a separate thing.

Even the brain itself exists only in the mind.

There truly is but one thing in all existence, the mind is all that exists, and everything must be in that mind in order for it to be recognized.

For if a thing existed outside of the mind, no one could know of it, therefore it could not exist.

Mind is all things.

Mind is Zen.

Mind is Buddha.

The world of illusion around you is converted to thought by your body/mind, yet, your body/mind itself exists only through thought.

So, the universe is converted to thought by something made of thought.

There is then no evidence whatsoever to prove that anything exists at all except thought itself, or mind, or Zen.

A picture in blue of a woman thinking. Little bubbles are around her head with different icons in them.

All existence must, therefore, be thought or it could not be known.

It is all software.

One could see Brahman as the internet and us as the programs zipping around in the ether.

There truly can be no solid matter, it must all be intangible.

A gray picture of two people facing each other and a swarm of digital codes coming our of their brain, surrounding them.

It must be thought.

Know that everything in the universe for all time has centered around you finding a path to your true existence.

Everything else is merely a diversion from that path.

All of the myths of old were written with you in mind because they are only thought, they exist to point you to the way.

Everything that exists in thought is there to slowly uncover true reality to you, one step at a time.

To show it all to you at once would completely overwhelm you.

You are opening your own mind one step at a time.

Footprints in the sand.

You are your own Guru, your own master.

You are your own path.

You are all things.

You are Zen.

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