The Most Evil Creature Ever

When you consider the most evil creature ever, consider the mind as likened to an insidious beast, the most horrible creature in the universe.

The mind makes thieves out of the innocent, it makes liars out of the honest.

The mind will make a virtuous man seem evil.

The mind itself is the only true cause of suffering that ever existed.

The Buddha said that life is suffering, I might add that only if you have been encumbered with a mind. For the mind, itself turns injury into suffering.

Pain in the body is merely a pain in the body, only mind can turn it into torture.

Only mind can turn cold into misery.

Only mind makes the heat unbearable.

Mind, it seems, is interested only in its own survival, and, at the expense of true reality.

A silhouette of a gal sitting in a lotus position in front of the ocean. The picture is in orange.

You, the self, must learn to exercise mastery over the mind and quell its vicious nature.

You must master your own mind in order to find peace.

There is no other way.

Your mind is the problem, not anything else outside of your self, only your mind.

Once you realize that there can be only one enemy, only one tormentor, one devil, your own mind, then you can take steps to defeat this deceptive monster before it rules your whole life.

A truly demented person is such because they have learned how to turn your mind against you, this only works if you don’t know your own mind.

One must then come to realize that the truly demented are only victims of their own demons.

If anyone is looking outside themselves for their enemies, they are indeed hopeless for their search will go on blindly for all time.

I have written extensively about the parable of The Arab and the Auger. * In the one case the mind helped the injury and in the other, it caused massive suffering even though the end result, the loss of a hand, remains the same.

You may ask, what about those that intentionally try to hurt me or my family, are they not my enemy?

No, they are not.

They are their own enemy, for conquering the savage beast in their own minds is near impossible for them at this point, and they will be ruled by it their whole existence.

They will never have a single moment’s rest from their torture.

You must react in a natural way to threats and attacks, but let not your mind harbor ill will and resentment toward others, only show them the compassion you have cultured in your own garden.

If they are trying to hurt others it is because there is so much hurt in them that it cannot be contained.

If you show compassion it is because there is so much compassion in you that it cannot be contained.

This is the only way to heal the world, by each killing their own personal Lucifer and not being concerned about each other.

Hand out in space, holding the world/globe in the palm of her hand.

We have each been given dominion over our own existence, yet we do not seek to solve our own shortcomings, we seek to point out another’s.

You have absolutely no control over someone else’s mind and never will.

Still, you have complete control over your own mind but let it run amok.

Then we sit about pointing out the sins of our neighbors.

What nonsense is this?

It is no wonder we cannot solve war in this realm, it is because our own demons are let loose on the world but the other’s demons must be stamped out.

I suggest we each work on our own sins and stop looking for the others.

The Arab and the Auger

Consider a man caught stealing in an Arab country, the punishment for this is the loss of a hand.

This man will sit in his cell, tormented day and night, waiting for the dreaded day of his sentence being carried out.

His mind will turn on him driving him to near madness.

After the punishment is completed his mind will continue to torment him for all of his days.

His hatred of those who took his hand will grow to the point of obsession.

The pain and loss of his hand will haunt him his whole life.

On the other side of the world a farmhand, trying to free an auger, gets his jacket sleeve caught and in an instant, his hand goes through the auger.

In this case, the mind goes into shock, it actually numbs the pain instead of intensifying it.

It actually works to assuage the pain.

The farmhand hardly realizes what happens and when they get him to the Emergency Room he is actually in good spirits.

Workman’s comp kicks in and he gets a healthy check for the loss of his hand and his life goes on, with of course a really good story to tell every time someone asks what happened to his hand.

These two examples have the exact same outcome – the loss of a hand.

Yet, in the one, the mind works to make the situation as horrible as possible, and in the other, the mind works to make the incident as bearable as it can.

What is the difference between these two outcomes?

Only the mind and its expectations.

In Zen, we work to make the two outcomes the same, in spite of the Arab. 


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