The Path To Enlightenment: The Undiscovered Country

Path in the forest that has a soft orange glow.

What is the path to enlightenment?

Simply stated it is the end of ignorance, but what good is that answer?

What does it actually mean to be an enlightened being?

What are we ignorant of that would require us to become enlightened?

A profile purple silhouette of a face with a blue and purple circle in front of it. Then blue, then purple.

Know this, that everything you believe is true exists only in consciousness.

That is a fact.

You can not name one thing that exists outside of your consciousness, but the enlightened can.


That is right, YOU.

Not your ego self that runs around worrying about your social status.

The real you.

A colorful picture of the universe.

The incomprehensible you that is at the core of your being, exists outside of consciousness and actually uses consciousness as a tool.

That is the one supernatural event or superconscious thing that you can point to.


So, stop exploring the three-dimensional world of the conscious mind and start to examine the superconscious.

Truly go where no one has gone before, except the buddha of course, and some sages, etc.

“That undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns puzzles the will. And makes us rather bear those ills we have. Than fly to others we know not of? Thus conscience does make cowards of us all.”~ Hamlet

So, turn it off.

Turn off consciousness and what is left?


You are your own “undiscovered country.

Explore, examine, meditate and study until you know yourself, the self behind the ego, the self before consciousness, the eternal witness.

The incomprehensible.

That is the true path to enlightenment.

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  1. What a bunch of complete bullshit.

    If you wanted confirmation bias. Here it is.
    Each line is fake as stupid can be.

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