The Thousand Daily Miracles

Cool large cave.

Only the sleepwalkers assume raising the dead or healing the sick is a miracle. They only want to see supernatural magic tricks designed to further cement their belief that the material world is real.

A ladybug on a long green leaf that has drops pf water on it.

The awakened ones need not see magic, because we see a thousand miracles each and every day.

Only eyes washed by the words of the sages can see the thousand daily miracles, and they astound us every time we see them as if it were the first time.

The ignorant are led astray with bright, shiny new things because they cannot see the thousand daily miracles.

The awakened are not stirred by new things because they can see the thousand daily miracles. What can bright, shiny new things offer such a person with clear vision?

Seagull soaring through the air over a rocky beach with waves in the distance.

When a bird is soaring in the sky, or winter branches dance in Thor’s wind. When the still forming ice swirls on the far side of the pond and your heart leaps at the beauty of it all, you have seen true miracles.

Only open eyes can see such things.

An adorable squirrel standing up inside a broken tree truck, looking straight ahead. He's a brownish red color, and his chest is a round white circle that reaches the length of his body. He looks like he's wearing a onesie outfit. LOL

To sit in amazement and watch the ants carry on their work, or the squirrels scurrying about to set store for the cold, these are miracles.

When a teacher comes without asking and answers your deepest needs without inquiry, these are the truest of all miracles.

The thousand daily miracles are the greatest of all blessings.

An ancient stone bridge, arching over a large body of water. Colorful trees surround it. The leaves are in fall colors (red, orange, and yellow), and they're reflecting off the water and so is the bridge, giving it the illusion of a wondrous portal .

Only when your deepest self finds Nirvana will you see these miracles for what they truly are.


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