The Van Is Gone

The Van Is Gone picture of the hippie van.

The van is gone.

K wanted to sell it and since I wasn’t comfortable driving the van, I agreed.

We had in mind who we wanted to buy it – someone who would appreciate the build and artwork.

The Van Is Gone has a picture of the inside of the van with fairy lights on.

We put a lot of ourselves into The White Rabbit (van), so the next owner would have to be part of our tribe to fancy it.

I loved the van, but it served its purpose.

It taught us a lot about ourselves, took us on a wild adventure, and brought us to Oregon where we now live on the Pacific Coast. 😍

The Van Is Gone has a photo of the ocean and a seagull on a rock.
The Van Is Gone has a picture of the ocean with scattered rocks jutting out of the ocean, covered in green.
The Van Is Gone has a photo of Rebekkah walking on the beach.

But K didn’t want anything to do with the van anymore, so we put it up for sale.

Despite what’s going on in the world with COVID-19, we did get people interested in buying it, but none of them worked out.

We finally decided to lower the price dramatically.

We took $3,000 off the original price because to us, selling the van wasn’t about profit, it was about having the right person buy and cherish it.

We figured the person(s) who was meant to have The White Rabbit, couldn’t afford the type of build we had done or the previous price we asked for.

Once I posted the reduced price on social media, we let go of our feelings towards it and trusted that things would work out the way they were supposed to.

That’s how we live our life.

I think it was the next day when I received a text from a potential buyer.

He wanted to see the van, but he couldn’t make it to where we were until the following Friday.

He lived 5 hours away from us.

He asked if we would hold it for him and even offered to give us $300.00 if we agreed to do so.

K told him to keep his $300.00, and we would hold the van until next Saturday.

The week rolled by and that Friday the guy showed up with his girlfriend like he said he would.

They’re the cutest couple ever. 🥰

And they’re totally our tribe – just like we envisioned when we decided to sell The White Rabbit.

They were thrilled with the van and loved everything about it. 😊

They even told us there was no way they would have been able to do a van build like ours.

See how things work out?

The van is gone now . . .

. . . But I still and always will love camper vans.

I told K that in the future I want to get myself a camper van I can drive.

So, where does that leave our Dare to Live YouTube channel?

The Van Is Gone has a Dare to Live logo with a backpack picture.

K lost interest in that as well, but I’m keeping the channel up for now because I might make videos on my own.

Dare to Live is just that . . . DARE TO LIVE.

We’re still daring to live – daring to live OUR life the way WE want to and to keep going on adventures.

We’re in the perfect place to do that. 🤗

Van life was just part of Daring to Live because we stepped out of our comfort zone and despite people’s negative opinions on what we were doing, we did it, and now look where we’re at.

All because we dared to live!

And we’re not done yet.

Not by a long shot.

You’ll see in the future what I mean. 😉

Stay tuned!

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