A young girl standing in front of a clock, thinking.

Paper and ink are the body and mind, but it is the message hidden within the words that is the true self.

Hellish clouds and wrists bonded together by thick rope.

Hell is living in bondage to the ego, rid yourself of this devil.

Realize that everything is experienced in the mind, not in reality.

The tree, the bird, even the aches in the body are all experienced in the mind. Therefore, it must be that your mind creates the world.

There exists a shared reality, but each experience of it is unique to the experiencer.

Young girl wearing a backpack, in the city, watching people.

The mind transforms data from the five senses to create your world.

The universe to you can only be your interpretation of it.

The mind can never experience true reality, only pure inner awareness of self can experience absolute reality.

It is the incomprehensible itself that is true reality, and only the indefinable can experience it. 

You must learn how to turn off the mind and shut it down.

This is the purpose of meditation. Once the mind is turned off you experience your true existence, pure untouched happiness.

Picture of woman's lips and chin. The top half of her face is the universe.

You are still in there, you have always been in there, turn off the mind and see for yourself.


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