True suffering

Suffering, anguish, and melancholy.  These have a purpose, they are not random. Just as reddened skin, chills and fever tell us the body is ill, it needs attention to get well. So does suffering and melancholy tell us the mind is ill, it needs attention also.

Your thoughts and assumptions are all wrong.

These things are natural and put in place to keep us in check.

If we knew our true selves from birth, we would become arrogant, proud and indifferent.

A baby bunny being cradled in someone's hands.

All of our struggles have shown us compassion and grace.

Overcoming suffering is where lies true strength.

Having been in another’s shoes breeds compassion.

Everything is exactly perfect just as it is.

I have no complaints whatsoever.

Everything is alright, even suffering.

A woman's face is painted in bright colors, as well as her hand covering part of it. Her dark, bright blue eyes is staring right at you between her colorful fingers.

Frustration and irritation are signs that you have once again taken yourself to be the body/mind. Consider them as the warning buzzer in the back of your consciousness. As soon as they arise, stop what you are doing and take a look at your state of mind, you will find yourself stuck in the ego again.

Remind yourself that you are not the body and the frustrating situation dissolves.

Return yourself to now and you see that there is no irritation.

These two are actually wonderful helpful reminders, put in place to help keep us on the path, two more of the thousand daily miracles.

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