#Vanlife: Getting A High-Roof

Picture of a white E-250 Ford cargo van, parked on the side of the icy road, next to a snowbank.

One of the requirements I had before embarking into van life was getting a high-roof.

Kevin wasn’t sold on the idea. In fact, at the time, he didn’t want a high-roof because we wouldn’t be “living” in the van, we’d be living in the world.

True . . .

 . . . But, what if for some reason we were stuck in the van for a day or longer . . . It would be a hell of a lot better to stand up and cook than on our knees. At least, that was how I felt about it. Not to mention, changing our clothes and constantly bending over to do shit.

No, thank you.

That would be a pain in the ass.

-So, we started pricing out the cost to get a high-roof and to install it.

Holy cow! 😮

It’s fucking expensive!

I’m talking thousands of dollars.

Fiberine is a popular company that sells high-roofs for vans, however, they’re crazy expensive. Purchasing from them and paying to have it installed, which is another high-priced cost was out of the question.

Another option was getting one from a junkyard.

A guy in a van group I’m part of mentioned getting one for $100.00.


But at the time we were in the middle of a hellacious winter and all items in the junkyard were completely buried under snow. 😞

Then we thought once the snow melted, it would kick ass if we could find a high-roof at a reasonable price, but then a painful realization came to us . . . How would we install it on the roof?

There are YouTube tutorials on how to do it, but still. Imagine how nerve-wracking it would be to cut a big ass hole in the roof of your van and if you screwed up, you’d be fucked. 😬

That’s a huge weight on one’s shoulders who have never done something like that before.

Since we were in the middle of winter, I asked someone we knew who owned a welding shop if he’d build and install a high-roof for us.

He was immediately on board—even though he’d never done a project like that before—and began working with us.

Now, I tend to be nitpicky, which is one of the many things I’m working on changing about myself.

. . . But, I wanted the van’s high-roof to cover the entire roof, just like the van I wanted, which was a Ford Falcon.

It didn’t happen.

Obviously, this is our first van build and the welder’s first van high-roof build.

Basically, it was the blind leading the blind.

I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but we’re now able to stand up in it and that rocks! 😊

One night when we were chillin’ in the van, Kevin admitted that the high-roof was a great idea.

For you peeps who are wanting to get one, but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars, check with your local machine or welding shop. Ask them if they’re willing to build you a high-roof AND install it for you.

We paid $800.00 for ours. That included the build and installation.

It was a great deal, and although this wasn’t the van I had in mind, it’s a great one to travel in—low miles, no rust, everything works, comfortable, in perfect shape—and seriously, it’s to travel and sleep in.

We’ll be living in the world, not the van.  😉  

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