We Are Not Atoms

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You begin to see more clearly that upon understanding you are not a person, you are not a thing made of atoms, that other things made of atoms hold very little interest to you.

In the universe of atoms, you actually are in a swarm of them all the time.

The atoms of the body are moving in and out of the atoms of air, food and water. This understanding of the physical realm leads one to find the whole thing rather ridiculous. What I mean is, the things that humans take for important, while in absolute reality they are nothing more than very temporary arrangements of atoms swirling in and out of other temporary arrangements of atoms, are absurd at best.

A shadow of a person sitting down, and a row of circles around him. The background color is in purple and raspberry hues.

There is nothing of concern outside of the void of awareness.

The five senses simply block a clear view of what the true self is, thus, humans believe themselves to be the body with its five senses and not the void of awareness that empowers them.

“I” as a thing does not exist.

It is a fabrication of the mind.

You would not fight for your survival if you did not cherish the self, so, your mind had to invent you.

You see? Fear only works when there is an “I” to be afraid for.

Humiliation only works on someone who believes themselves to be a self that can be humiliated. You cannot humiliate someone that has no sense of self.

So, you see, the mind’s weapons of guilt, shame, fear and hatred only work if the mind has convinced you that you are this false persona, subject to its control.

The only thing capable of enslaving you then, is your own mind. Thus, the path to freedom from bondage can only be found in understanding that you are not the mind nor the “I” created by the mind.

You are an awareness independent of the mind.

The mind is supposed to work for you instead of enslaving you.

All the narcissistic sociopaths in the world can have no effect on the person that has no self, or on the one that has learned to control the mind.

Meditate deeply on this.

“Mine” is a sign of an uncontrolled mind.

“Mine” means that the “I” has a possession that further ensures its safety or secures its position in the clan.

The only possessions one needs in life are shelter and clothing, food and water.

All other possessions are only extensions of the ego or false “I” that the mind is using to dominate you.

The only escape is the recognition that there is no self.

There is no “I”.

The mind’s survival instincts have only two goals, to keep you breathing and to keep you breeding. So, in fact, the former is only a necessity of the latter which reduces all of this down to one thing: The mind uses all of its arsenal to push you to breed with the most favorable members of your clan. It uses the false “I” or self to convince you, through your memories, that you are really a separate you. Then it uses fear, shame, humiliation to push you in the direction it wants. Then it switches to pleasure, validation, a sense of superiority and pride to reward you for raising your status within a given group. It is the foundation of slavery itself and can only be stopped by understanding that you are not a self.

You are life, not just living.

All the “I” wants is to keep on living, not actually to live but to just keep breathing.

Look at the levels of emotional pain one has to endure to build the courage to end one’s life. One has to actually override the mind’s weapons in order to find the strength to force the body to end itself.

If the mind causes such grief then the absence of mind must be the cure.

Learn to meditate on absolute nothingness.

Quieten yourself and then stay as long as you can with absolutely no thought.

This renders the mind mute but also shows that you are still present even when the mind is not.

You exist independently of the self you thought you were.

You, the real you, are immune to hatred, fear and anxiety.

Little girl in a white dress, running in a field of daisy.

Your natural state is a simple joy.

You are not subject to the whims of the clan nor the impulses of the mind.

The longer you stay in your natural state the more it becomes habit to do so.

The natural state then begins to feed on itself and grow within you until the former ego sense of “I” dissolves into the back of the mind.

Keep a constant check on the mind and its habits, do not allow them to rise again.

Black and white picture of shackled feet.

Freedom from slavery begins in understanding the root cause of slavery and removing it.

Your mind is the culprit as it carries out nature’s dark work of natural selection.

Become more than another sack of bones, become alive!

This is the dichotomy that enables the prisoner to remain free while the guards are enslaved, held in bondage to the clan rule. The prisoner was not up late last night polishing his badge.

These thoughts bring us to begin to understand why the clan, or group, is very weary of those of us that can think for ourselves.

Our solutions undermine their conditioning as well as our own.

The clan clings to the clan as if it were a matter of life and death. They have invested far too much of their life into rising in the social structure to see some new thinker come along and upset the order of things. “Don’t get smart with me!” comes to mind. “Yea, wouldn’t want to do that.”

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  1. I left a long response,,, it disapeared… crap. Sorry about that,,, it was good,,, I’ll do it tomorrow ,,,, ugh..

    1. I hate when that happens. We appreciate you stopping by and commenting on the post. 😘

  2. And who told you this premise of atoms? An atom is a tiny piece you get from cutting a particle of some specific thing. That has nothing to do with anything. Your premises are stupid as your entire belief system

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