Why Are You?

Why Are You? A young girl in the universe holding a glowing ball in her hand. She's staring at it.

In my mind I see a pen moving across paper, these words only exist in the mind. Now they exist in your mind too.

What can exist outside the mind?

Why Are You? Tie-dye bright colors around a silhouette of a man's and woman's transparent profile with sparkling light.

Only the true self.

The mind has spent a lifetime accumulating data. The deeper it searches the more data it uncovers.

To what end?

There can be no end.

The mind is searching in the wrong direction.

As long as the mind seeks answers in the external universe, an endless supply of useless, silly answers will constantly be exposed and the mind will never behold reality.

Why Are You? A silhouette of a woman's profile. Behind her closed eyes is the universe in a pinkish color.

Once the mind is turned off and you recognize the internal universe, then you will know reality and see that you need no answers.

Stop trying to solve the riddle of your own making.

Stop seeking advantage in an imaginary world.

Only observe.


Experience this.

You are simply a probe sent into the external universe to record your experiences and report back to your source.

You have gained way more data than will ever be needed about a myriad of definitions of things that just don’t matter.

Why Are You? A young woman with a finger on her cheek, staring off into the distance. Beams of greenish/yellow criss-cross her face. In the background in the color of dark honey, are weird symbols and circles.

Stop trying to figure out the imaginary external world and focus your awareness on your source.

Why are you?

From whence do you derive your existence?

Why Are You? Black sound waves.

Why are you recording your experiences and for whom?

Where does life come from?


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