Why We Quit Being Vegan

Why we quit being vegan has a picture of colorful fruits and veggies.

A couple of weeks ago we quit being vegan even though we didn’t want to, but before I get into the reason why we quit being vegans, I’m going to tell you our story on how we became vegan and loved it.

Back in May 2019, I came home for lunch and Kevin announced to me that he wanted to be vegetarian.

We’re Buddhists, meaning we follow the Buddha’s teachings and the eightfold path.

Why we quit being vegan. Picture of an arched wooden bridge over a body of water in a bright green forest.

Well, Kevin was reading some ancient text and the realization suddenly hit him that if he didn’t have to take a sentient life in order to survive then why should he.

That was what he told me.

I kinda freaked out in the sense of, “What? Are you kidding me?”

In all honesty, I the self wasn’t freaking out at all, it was the ego who was flipping out.

The ego loved to have her cheeseburgers every Saturday night.

However, I had the presence of mind to calm my shit down, ponder what Kevin told me, and be brutally honest with myself.

Just because Kevin wanted to be a vegetarian, didn’t mean I had to,I told myself.

After lunch, I went back to the office, put the ego aside, and searched inwardly for how I truly felt about this life-changing decision.

My answer was clear like a bright blue sky on a warm sunny day . . .

Desert beach and a bright blue sky.

. . . I’d been wanting to be vegetarian since 1995, but I thought the body needed animal protein in order to function properly.

I was wrong.

That night Kevin and I started doing a lot of research on eating a plant-based, whole-food diet.

The thing about us is we don’t take someone’s word for it. Instead, we research the topic on our own.

I don’t care if it’s religion, where to live, our diet, etc.

We want to know the truth, and the only way to discover it is to find it out on our own.

We can’t fathom how anyone can join a religion, change their diet, and join a group without doing extensive research on it.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and did enough research to answer our questions and satisfy our curiosity.

The information we uncovered was mind-blowing.

Plant-based diets are known to cure arthritis, lower blood pressure, and reverse serious illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, and so on.

It’s been medically proven.

Kevin and I were like, no way!


We had to find this out for ourselves to make sure this wasn’t all bullshit, even though the testimonies we watched and heard were overwhelming.

We also watched seminars where doctors like Michael Klaper and John McDougall spoke.

We decided to become vegetarians but shortly after we became vegans instead.

Why we quit being vegans has a colorful picture of a salad with a couple slices of oranges.

The difference between the two are vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products, some even eat fish which are called pescatarians (pesco-vegetarians).

Vegans don’t eat eggs or dairy products.

Both follow a plant-based, whole-food diet.

I thought I would have massive cravings for a cheeseburger but surprisingly I didn’t.

I didn’t crave meat at all.

I mean, the closest I came to having a craving was four months later when I smelled KFC while walking in a Walmart parking lot, but the craving for fried chicken went away within seconds.

The symptoms we experienced when we started this diet were bloating and gas – not cravings.

The pressure in the belly got intense at times and it was because our gut was colonizing new bacteria it needed to aid digestion since our diet was now a high-fiber one.

We read articles about this benign problem that said just to stick with the diet because the body would adjust.

We found that to be true.

The bloated belly subsided and the farts were not as frequent, but we still rip some good ones at times and fart more than we did when we were meat-eaters.

That part sucks, but the benefits far outweigh being a fart-knocker. 😂

We noticed an amazing increase in our mood and energy.

Honestly, if I’m sleeping well, I have the same energy as I had when I was 15.


I couldn’t believe it.

It’s great. 😊

The skin on our face is brighter and smoother.

The mind is much easier to control and calmer.

Before we tried this plant-based, whole-food diet, Kevin was suffering from arthritis in his hands and knuckles.

It was so bad that he was having trouble playing guitar.

If you watch his video on our Dare to Live YouTube Channel, where he’s playing Hotel California on his guitar, you can see him struggling to play the chords at the beginning as stretching the fingers to make those chords was quite painful.

Guess what.

Kevin’s arthritis is gone!

He can make a tight fist with his hands whereas before he couldn’t.

He can now play the guitar like he did years ago.

So, in our personal experience, it’s true that this diet can cure arthritis.

Also, another thing that’s cool is Kevin used to not be able to eat potatoes or drink coffee, now he can with no problems at all.

Our guess is because our digestive system is working properly now, it’s able to process food and drink like it should.

Diagram of our digestive system.

The gut is able to do its job.

A whole new world of food and spices has been open up to us as well.

We’ve been trying new recipes and having fun doing it.

We discovered things that we don’t like and things that we enjoy.

We created our own recipes and bowls, like the burrito bowl, the Asian bowl, the Buddha bowl, the potato and chili bowl, and much more.

I learned how to make organic almond, oat, and cashew milk.

Almond milk that actually looks like milk in a reusable olive jar.

Everything was great until eight months later.

Something was wrong.

We were hungry all of the time, even though we ate a lot.

We tired easily.

We couldn’t think straight.


Thankfully, Kevin discovered the problem right away.

We live in rural North Dakota where it’s like living in the Tundra during wintertime.

Snow all around our hippie van.

This winter has been brutal and we’ve been expending a lot more energy to keep warm.

We’re active people and walk 3 miles or more a day, even when it’s cold outside.

We were burning a lot of carbs and fat, but we weren’t replacing them.

So, we both decided to add one egg a day and a little fish to our diet.

Once we did, our symptoms vanished.

*snaps fingers*

We’re still vegetarians, but now we’re considered pescatarians because we eat fish.

I don’t care for labels, but that’s what society considers us to be.

So that is why we quit being vegans, but we’re thrilled with this diet and the huge benefits that come along with it.

This is not an excuse to go back to eating the garbage that is advertised on the television as food.

The point is that a plant-based, whole-food diet is excellent for the human body.

If you add a small amount of animal fats to your diet, in our experience, it is the perfect diet for humans.

It has been life-changing for us.

If you have any questions or vegetarian recipes that you love, don’t be shy and leave a comment.

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