Win The Lottery: Win The Real Lottery

Winning the lottery. Black and white lottery number balls. The winning numbers.

If you still don’t like the caste system or if the wealthy irritate you, it is because deep down you still envy wealth and status.

You want to win the lottery.

You must come to see that in reality the wealthy are not superior in any way but are in fact at a great disadvantage.

Winning the lottery and buying a mansion. A picture of a mansion.

You must learn that wealth and status are a great hindrance to the way and only serve to attach yourself to the body, thus solidifying your belief in the false world.

You must be able to see wealth and status for what they are . . . inconsequential.

They mean nothing.

They only offer advantage to the feeble minded and are obstacles to the way.

The truth is that you are exactly where and what you are supposed to be, as with everyone else.

Do you seek enlightenment to ease your suffering? Or to feel superior to the ignorant?

You must come to see it all as the perfection it is right here and right now.

You are playing the part that was intended for you by fate.


A baby tree growing above the grass.

As long as you are earnest and seek only understanding of the self for the sake of understanding, you will fulfill your purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Only try to see its perfection and let the ego-self die of a lack of attention and all will be well.

Let go of your desired outcomes.

Forget the words I, me and mine.

The universe does not need you to function, it will be just fine without you.

Let go of the ego and live without trying to control, let the ignorant win.

Exist in perfection.

The universe only happens in your mind and your mind can only exist within you.

You are experiencing exactly what you expect, nothing more and nothing less.

Control your expectations and forget about children’s toys like wealth and status.

You are playing with the grown-ups now.

What good can wealth do if you cannot control the mind?

The top half of a female's face is the universe.

What concept could hold more value than the ability to control your own thoughts? Especially once you realize that the entire universe is actually in your mind.

Win the real lottery, the odds are much more in your favor.

Learn to control the mind and let the ego die, all else is futile.

Can you let go all of your desired outcomes?

Can you stop trying to manipulate events to your own advantage? 

Can you release the reigns of your world and simply let it spin at will?

Can you let the person you are supposed to be die?

Silence your opinions.

A jackrabbit listening.

Only listen.

How can you see true reality when you keep painting it to suit your own personal needs?

Have no care.

Have no motive.

Just be.

Kill the person.

Forget about the role you used to play and just be.

Have no agenda.

Do not reach for pleasant and recoil at the unpleasant. That is all that the ego is, just a primitive behavior control device, let it die.

What truly is pleasant anyway? Or unpleasant?

Things in the shared world should not have the ability to change the chemicals in the brain.

Is that not pleasant?

A mere chemical reaction?

When the ego gets what it wants it rewards itself with pleasant chemicals.

When the ego gets what it doesn’t want it punishes itself with unpleasant chemicals.

Is this what you cling to with such quiet desperation?

Is this what you call life?

Fantasy picture of a RIP gravestone and a statue of a woman and two people beside her, coming out of the ground.

Are you not sick and tired of this idiotic existence? Yet your fear of death overrides everything you think you know.

Why won’t you stare death in the eye and rid yourself of your silly fears?

Hamlet understood this five centuries ago yet you are still ruled by your own weakness today.

Start allowing others to win.

Stop interjecting your opinions.

Stop acting with your own best interest in mind and begin to work on behalf of others.

Really take a good look at what it is that you hoped to accomplish with all of this ego nonsense anyway.

It all really only boils down to reaching for the pleasant and avoidance of the unpleasant.

What is pleasant or unpleasant is decided by you in the first place, if you silence your ego and stop making such distinctions you will have nothing to reach for and nothing left to recoil from.

All that needs to be is to just simply stop.

There is no you to gain advantage, there is no you to name things as pleasant or unpleasant.

It all just is as it is.

The universe does not need your ego-self to continue, it will do just fine without you in the way.

A mansion  and pool.

What arrogance to believe that the cosmos would realign themselves just to grant your ego a wish. For if you still desire wealth and status, you are under the spell of the ego.

Healthy young man standing on top of a rock high in the mountains, enjoying the natural beauty in the morning light. He's
looking at the distant mountains and green valley below him.

If you are lost in the thousand daily miracles and marvel at the universe just as it is, chances are that your ego has lost control and is withering away in some back corner of the mind.

Lotus flowers.


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